1. Bringing Home the Glitz, Glamour, Twinkle of Las Vegas

    las vegas strip glammour

    Las Vegas…..the crystal glitz of the dressed-up guests both local and tourist alike, the glamour of returning musical acts and shows, the twinkle of lights on hotels and casinos on a background of darkening skies. What better way to bring the feeling back home with you after a memorable visit than to install a chandelier in your year-round living environment?

    At, many lighting companies are represented such as Maxim Lighting, Elk Home, Livex, and Artcraft Lighting, to name a few. There are several chandelier styles to choose from such as multi-tier, oval, contemporary, transitional, and traditional as well as many others. As far as the choice of materials to select from, there is quite a range. Anywhere from crystal to various t

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  2. How to Bring the Spring Season Indoors

    How to Bring the Spring Season Indoors

    Spring!! The sunshine of longer days, light breezes, birds chirping, colorful flowers blooming, bicycle rides outdoors…..all the things outdoors that we look forward to each new spring season. So why not bring these wonderful feelings indoors? This can easily be done through a combination of various home decor items spread throughout your home no matter whether it is a house, condo, or even an apartment. Having a lot of spring-related items in only one main room might be a theme over-load, but strategically placed items in different areas of your home can lift your mood and increase your optimism for the day.

    To start your day off right the first thing in the morning, wake up to a beautiful cheerful white orchid next to you on your side table, or across the room from you on your dresser. Not only is it a small symbol of a fresh start for a new day, but it is extremely easy to take care of since it is a faux plant. You don't have a "green thumb"? No worries mate!


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  3. Are you a horse lover?

    pair of horses sculpture
    Are you a horse lover? Or even at one with a horse as a rider? Do you enjoy watching horse races? If you are any of these people, and you want to sprinkle a little show of your love for these majestic animals into your home, you can do this with a number of products.
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  4. 7 different wall decor ideas for different style homes

    3 pc metal wall decor

    When a person moves into their first self-rented or self-owned apartment, condo, or home, they  might look at their blank empty walls and initially say, "What am I going to put on these?"  Their second question probably is, "How am I going to decide how to organize what to put on the walls?" My answer to both of these questions is….don't overthink it. Go with what your gut feeling tells you. If you want to delay the decision and are concerned about making holes in the walls for hanging wall decor, well then the easiest and probably cheapest way to change the decor of your wall is to just simply paint it a different color. This can be your first step in getting inspired for other ideas.



    Wall decor ideas can come from a number of influences and can bring out the inner creativeness of a person in unexpected ways. Your immediate surrounding l

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  5. Vanity Lighting! Warmth, Mod or Glam?

    Vanity Lighting! Warmth, Mod or Glam?

    Bathroom vanity lighting has the opportunity to create a warm cozy feeling in a bathroom or a brightly lit area for a better view in a mirror while getting ready for the beginning of the day. It also allows for the chance to be creative and obtain a glam space for oneself. At we proudly present to you some of the top manufacturers of bathroom vanity lighting fixtures. Whether you need an over-the-mirror illumination or prefer bathroom wall sconces, both types are available. Manufacturers represented are Kalco, Uttermost, Maxim Lighting, ET2, Livex Vanity Lighting, Allegri,

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  6. The Five Best Light Fixtures for the Holiday Season

    iron chandelier with holiday theme

    The 5 Best Light Fixtures for the Holiday Season


    The Holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to get decorating! Every year families around the world celebrate this joyous time of year by decorating the outside of their homes with elaborate and colorful light arrangements; but have you ever considered how you can spruce up the interior of your home as well?


    Have you ever looked at the lighting setup in your dining room or living room and thought, this could use an update? There’s no better time than the holidays to magnify your home’s beauty with an incredible chandelier! The chandelier is a beautiful conversation piece that keeps your house lit, and makes you feel at home.


        Here is a list of the 5 most fabulous chandeliers that

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  7. An Introduction To Rugs

    blue and beige area rug

    Rugs often reflect the culture and history of its makers and the geographic location in which they were made. This is accomplished through the colors created, the material chosen, and the distinct patterns typical of where they are made. Persian rugs often feature jewel-like colors such as red, green, blue, to represent energy, regeneration, and spirituality. Traditional Turkish rugs are usually composed of Turkish knots in wool, cotton, silk, or a combination. Some of the geometric designs include those that represent wealth, life, power, and family. Chinese rugs made of wool, cotton, or silk will typically be adorned with striking motifs of cranes, dragons, flowers, and fret designs. The more modern rugs are less concerned with heritage and more focused on a person's personal taste in colors, designs, interests, and intentional use of rugs.

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  8. You Can Use Wall Art To Make Your Home Look Fantastic!

    double frame wall art

    If you're looking for a great way to add a stylish touch to your home, you might want to consider putting up wall art. Not only can it look great in just about any room, but there are many different artistic styles that you can choose from. Here's what you need to know to pick out exceptional wall art for your home:

    1. Understand what it can do for your home

    Artwork can add a touch of style to any room, and it can improve the color scheme of your home as well. Furthermore, paintings, photographs, drawings, and other forms of art can allow your rooms to evoke different emotions than they would otherwise.

    2. Know how to choose the right type of wall art

    There are several popular types of wall art, which include prints, drawings, paintings, and photographs. Photographs tend to fit best with a modern style. However, paintings and classical drawings tend to fit with an antique or traditional style, such as what you see

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  9. Making a House a Home

    Making a House a Home

    A home with decorative items is like a person putting earrings on. Including decorative items in your living environment allows a window into your personality. It shows your likes and dislikes of what you enjoy surrounding yourself with, and it defines who you are as a person. It makes a house, condominium, or apartment an actual home. It is what makes you look forward to coming home at the end of a long day, such as seeing a colorful floral centerpiece, colorful floral centerpiece

    and greets people as soon as they walk in your front door, like an eye-catching sculpture. silver peacock sculpture

    The additions to your place can be as simple as a colorful white and blue bowl sitting on your coffee table white

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  10. Lighting Over Time

    Bed and wall art

    So what do you think of when you think of lighting? Brightness? Ambiance? Type of usage? Color tone? All of the above? In my first condo, just like in my first rental apartment, my main goal was just to be able to see what I was doing, whether I was eating dinner sitting at my two-seater round wicker and glass table or reading a book sitting comfortably on my couch.

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