3 pc metal wall decor

When a person moves into their first self-rented or self-owned apartment, condo, or home, they  might look at their blank empty walls and initially say, "What am I going to put on these?"  Their second question probably is, "How am I going to decide how to organize what to put on the walls?" My answer to both of these questions is….don't overthink it. Go with what your gut feeling tells you. If you want to delay the decision and are concerned about making holes in the walls for hanging wall decor, well then the easiest and probably cheapest way to change the decor of your wall is to just simply paint it a different color. This can be your first step in getting inspired for other ideas.



Wall decor ideas can come from a number of influences and can bring out the inner creativeness of a person in unexpected ways. Your immediate surrounding local environment can shape your thinking. Your thoughts can also be impacted if you have one home you live in most of the year and a vacation home in another state or country. Perhaps you have a particular interest in a hobby. Possibly you lean towards a love of certain types of art. Maybe you like the energy you get from reading affirmations. It could be there is a family member you think of often. All of these and more create ideas in us. Your home can even exude a bit of artistic flair through the design of how you display your wall decor.

Oftentimes the location where we live influences our decisions on what decor to put on our walls. Living in an area where there is a beach nearby such as Naples, Florida creates in our mind the idea of seashells, sailboats, and palm trees. Instead of using a canvas picture of these, you can actually place three-dimensional items of these on the wall in a guest room or bathroom.


The modern glitzy side of New York and Miami has a person imagining a wall decoration that is eclectic and abstract with the combining of silver and gold in the entrance area paired with similar design candlesticks.


If you own a cabin in the woods, perhaps a set of antlers above a fireplace does the trick for you.



Living on a lake might have you thinking outside the box of regular wall decoration and instead, the possibility of hanging a variety of oars on one of your den walls. (ELKH-351-10194) On the other hand, perhaps you are missing places where you are not currently living and in that case, a framed picture or two of those places in your home office might help you miss them less. 


Most people have a hobby or two that they might want to reflect as a decoration on one of their walls. Now, not all hobbies are easy to display as wall decor, but there are many that are. In the past, it wasn't uncommon for someone to collect certain items as a hobby like stamps, shells, and other things. One method of showing off such a collection was the use of shadow boxes.

Shadow Boxes have been around a long time. They have been known to be used to display memorabilia as well as hobby collections. Nowadays in our fast-paced world, you don't have to do the actual collecting. You can buy shadow boxes with the collection of items you have an interest in already curated inside the shadow box. 



One way to have your home appear more artistic is by reserving a large area of a wall in your living room specifically displaying various sized shadow boxes of singular related items within them. It creates more of a visual impact than a collection of items inside one shadow box.



If your hobby isn't in the collecting of specific items but instead noticing and appreciating the elements within your own environment, you can put together an eclectic mix of different wall decor objects on the wall of a stairwell or hallway to show your interests as well as remind yourself to explore those interests from time to time. Perhaps mounted bird feathers represent you as a bird watcher. What about an interest in bringing the outdoors inside your home through a wall decoration of a row of flowers created out of metal? This is a modern way of doing it.



If displaying your personal hobbies or interests to others isn't your thing, and instead you prefer to include certain types of art like paintings, sketches, or photographs as your wall decor, you can do that in various ways. Some people choose to reflect a particular subject matter in certain rooms of their home, sometimes a certain color scheme within the wall decor is chosen throughout a home or room. There are many people nowadays who lean towards including abstract art as their subject matter whether it is in the form of a painting, sketch, or photograph. With a little ingenuity, abstract wall decor can fit into just about any type of home and color scheme and can be used in any room.



For some people, reading affirmations in the morning can be very uplifting. By placing various wall decor with affirmations in your bedroom area or bathroom, you can open your eyes to ideas that may help you start your day.



Wall decor also can be artistically placed to invoke thoughts of a loved one during the day whether it is on a wall in the living room, hallway, bedroom, guest room, home office, or stairwell. Think of their hobbies, career, or general topics of discussion to help inspire you on ideas of wall decor that represents them. For example, if they were in the military, a flag made out of a material different from cloth would be a type of art, yet also be very meaningful.



An interest in snorkeling, scuba diving, or water sports, in general, might be well represented by a vision of a colorful wall decor of sea fans.



What better way to make your home more artistic than through the use of wall decor?