How to Bring the Spring Season Indoors

Spring!! The sunshine of longer days, light breezes, birds chirping, colorful flowers blooming, bicycle rides outdoors…..all the things outdoors that we look forward to each new spring season. So why not bring these wonderful feelings indoors? This can easily be done through a combination of various home decor items spread throughout your home no matter whether it is a house, condo, or even an apartment. Having a lot of spring-related items in only one main room might be a theme over-load, but strategically placed items in different areas of your home can lift your mood and increase your optimism for the day.

To start your day off right the first thing in the morning, wake up to a beautiful cheerful white orchid next to you on your side table, or across the room from you on your dresser. Not only is it a small symbol of a fresh start for a new day, but it is extremely easy to take care of since it is a faux plant. You don't have a "green thumb"? No worries mate!


Bozcaada Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant in Polyresin/Container

After a stretch or two to wake up, most of us automatically go to the nearest bathroom to freshen up before heading out into the rest of our home. Many people don't think of placing artwork in their bathroom spaces. Just think how much nicer it is to see a watercolor set of colorful flowers hanging on the wall instead of blankly staring at a usually bare plain bathroom canvas space. Whether you have two floral pictures hung horizontally or vertically, depends upon your own preference as well as the area of the wall itself. If you have a larger bathroom and prefer a singular more prominent floral artwork, you can easily do that as well.

Uttermost 41619 Fresh Flowers Watercolor Prints, S/2

Phoebe Oil On Canvas

So now that you are refreshed and moving into your day, you head towards your kitchen, passing by your dining room area and glancing at its surroundings. When thinking of placing a rug in a dining room, there are many different types, materials, styles, and colors to choose from. To incorporate a touch of spring into the area, without being overly obvious, you can choose a modern rug with the slightly muted spring colors that you like. If you want to continue the use of florals in this part of your home you can also decide upon a modern abstract design that slightly hints at a floral motive. If preferred, both can be accomplished at the same time, as you can see in the beautiful rug below.

Modern Area Rug Connie Post Collection

If you are an early bird, perhaps you like to sit in your living room reading the news on your tablet/cell phone or via an actual newspaper, or instead watch the local news on tv. To brighten your environment "just enough" for the early morning you reach over to turn on the lamp on your side table. How about a nicely colored lamp sitting next to you on the side table next to your couch? Or perhaps a whimsical bird & flower lamp design to remind you of the cheerfully chirping birds outside? The table lamp below not only is really cute, but it is LED. If you would rather use regular light bulbs, both choices are available at

Uttermost 28369-1 Anastasia Light Pink Table Lamp

ELK Home 113-1134-LED Saint Louis Heights Table Lamp

To continue to create a feeling of optimism in your immediate living room space, a work of art with a cheerful range of colors hanging on a wall can completely uplift the whole area.

Jesenia Oil on Canvas


As you head toward your door to the outside world of work, education, or any of the other millions of things you need to do or want to do….perhaps there is a hallway or a nook of wall space you pass by that is waiting for you to hang a visual reminder to remember to carve out some time for yourself, family, and friends to go outdoors when you can and enjoy the optimistic spring season while it's here!!

Dalro 52RF0052 Home From Farmers Market I