iron chandelier with holiday theme

The 5 Best Light Fixtures for the Holiday Season


The Holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to get decorating! Every year families around the world celebrate this joyous time of year by decorating the outside of their homes with elaborate and colorful light arrangements; but have you ever considered how you can spruce up the interior of your home as well?


Have you ever looked at the lighting setup in your dining room or living room and thought, this could use an update? There’s no better time than the holidays to magnify your home’s beauty with an incredible chandelier! The chandelier is a beautiful conversation piece that keeps your house lit, and makes you feel at home.


    Here is a list of the 5 most fabulous chandeliers that you can find at NewwBuy, America’s newest online furnishings store. 


Basix Multi-Tier Chandelier

The first entry on our list, the Basix 15 light multi-tiered chandelier, comes in a gorgeous contemporary style that’s perfect for the holiday season. The arms of the chandelier have a very gracious curve to them, adding personality and a little bit of holiday whimsicality to the chandelier. All 15 bulbs are wrapped in a beautiful lipped cup (bobeche) that furthers the cozy aesthetic of the chandelier. 


This chandelier is part of a collection that comes in a few different color styles. The first is an enchanting Satin Nickel finish with Ice colored glass bulb cups. This color scheme gives the impression that the piece is made of ice, and will really make your home feel like a winter wonderland. Next, there’s the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish with Wilshire glass bulb cups. This warm color combination will give any room a very cozy feeling. 


The 15 bulbs provide a lot of lighting, so this chandelier is ideal for large dining rooms and living rooms. The fixture accepts E26 medium sized light bulbs, which is a very common type of bulb you should have no trouble finding. The bulbs are dimmable and the fixture is compatible with dimmer switches. The dimensions are 42”L x 42”W x 40”H. 


    This is an overall incredibly designed fixture that’s guaranteed to fill your home with brilliant light and holiday joy.


Uttermost Cristal De Lisbon

Next up is the phenomenal Uttermost Cristal De Lisbon chandelier. This amazing light fixture has a truly enchanting look to it. The arms have a subtle but aesthetically pleasing bend to them. The basket is a beautiful arrangement of hanging crystalline beads. Most incredibly, the column is adorned with the most astonishingly beautiful metallic leaf design. Everything about this chandelier is amazing and looks like something that belongs in a luxurious Christmas lodge.


The color of this fixture is a stunning golden bronze that drives home the holiday feeling. This cool color, combined with the leaf design, makes this chandelier look like a beautiful wreath that hangs from the ceiling and provides light. What’s special about this chandelier is the way that the beading catches lights. The intricate bouquet of crystals that make up the basket catch and refract light in the most awe-inspiring way.


This is a medium-sized 6 light chandelier that works perfectly in any sized living room or dining room. The chandelier uses a unique Type B bulb which is very common and highly customizable. Dimensions are 25” L x 25”W x 33” H.


If you want to make your living room lighting amaze your guests, the Uttermost Cristal De Lisbon is the best holiday chandelier for you.


Uttermost Marinot

If you’re looking for a highly elegant alternative to your home lighting this holiday, look no further than the Uttermost Marinot chandelier. This truly unbelievable light fixture will no doubt amaze and inspire family and friends while it hangs proudly in your living room. A modern chandelier with a classical style, this fixture has a whimsical loop in the arms that fit the holiday theme nicely. The bobeche and candle slip replicate the look of a pre-electricity candle chandelier.


From the top, this chandelier has a beautiful crown that features the same looping look as the arms with hanging tassels. The column and the basket are adorned with modest yet alluring turned wood beads with a sea salt finish, linked together with washed nickel chains. Lastly the chandelier has wooden tassels hanging from the bottoms of the bobeches and a simple finial.


The 6 type B bulbs will add a soothing light to your home. Dimensions are 28”L x 28”W x “33.5”H. From crown to finial, this chandelier gives off an aura of elegance and beauty. This piece would work best in a large dining room or living room. 


Transitional Glass Madera

The Transitional Glass Madera 9 light multi-tier chandelier would make a wonderful addition to any home. The design is simple, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to holiday chandeliers, this is a more modest option, however it’s still a beautiful fixture. The oil-rubbed bronze crown feeds directly into the arms and the basket of the chandelier to make it one whole cohesive piece. The column is a straight line from loop to the finial, solidifying the fixture’s simple and bold design.


The chandelier has a total of 9 E26 bulbs encased with Wilshire glass and an oil-rubbed bronze finish. It also comes in satin silver with ice glass bulb bobeches. Simple, yet elegant, this humble chandelier can light up any room comfortably.


Allendale Pendant Chandelier

Finally, if you’re looking for the most spectacular chandelier to ring in the holiday season, then you need the stunning Allendale Pendant chandelier. Absolutely stunning from top to bottom, this chandelier is guaranteed to amaze your friends and family.


The fixture has a low crown that’s very simple.  However, hanging from it’s crown is a magnificent crystal bead structure that encloses the column. Directly below this is the multi-tier bowl that’s made of wonderful premium-quality crystals. This chandelier stands out with its gallery which hides the 5 brilliant light bulbs. The gallery has a unique and modern design that’s sure to catch eyes.


The height of the chandelier is adjustable from 25.25” up to 61.25”, and the diameter is 22”. If you're looking for a truly awe-inspiring chandelier, this is the ideal lighting fixture to add to your home for the holidays.