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At we make it easy to shop online in more ways than one. The first method of looking for products of interest can be done by choosing specific categories to look at such as Lighting, Furniture, Rugs, Wall Art, and Home Decor. This allows for a targeted search area. A second way to look for items is by using Newbuy's search box. This is for a general search through all of NewBuy's website for a specific product. A third method of identifying an item of interest can be done via Newwbuy's Shop By Room section. This section is perfect when looking for ideas on how to decorate a specific room such as a living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. A specific room is chosen, then a prompt display of product category options related to that specific room follows. The displayed categories help identify ideas that can be incorporated in the decor of that particular room. From there, a quick click opens the vast inventory available in that category. Talk about choices!

When searching for ideas on what can be added to the decor in a bathroom area, the categories of vanity lighting, tabletop mirrors, LED mirrors will be shown. But in addition, outside-the-box ideas are included too such as decorative boxes, candleholders, decorative bottles, wall sconces, flush mounts, mini pendants, and wall art. For a home office or study area, a selection of desks, table and desk lamps, chairs, and bookshelves are available. For ideas on how to corral papers and writing utensils, the organizational category can be clicked on. Other categories of ideas that are not only useful but also decorative are bookends, table and wall clocks, photo frames, and bowls. Wall art as well as wall decor is a great way to inspire working in a home office or study area.